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Francia Aguascalientes Hotel Privacy Policy in Mexico

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Francia Aguascalientes Hotel's Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Hotel in Mexico


Imsalmar, S.A. de C.V. , (hereinafter Hotel Francia Aguascalientes) as manager of the hotel commercially known as Francia Aguascalientes, part of the Ostar Grupo Hotelero chain, which address to hear and receive notices is located at Liverpool 133, Colonia Juarez, Cuauhtémoc Municipality, Zip Code 06600, Mexico City, shall be the only in charge of the treatment of its personal data and information collected from the holders, which shall be handled as strictly confidential.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes must collect the following personal information, with respect to which the holder is the only responsible for its authenticity; and Hotel Francia Aguascalientes has taken all needed measures to maintain safely the information to be provided, it must use appropriately said information, and it must take all the required measures to maintain its data private and safe:

1.- Full Name
2.- Age.
3.- Gender.
4.- Taxpayer number (RFC).
5.- Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
6.- Address.
7.- E-mail.
8.- Phone Number.
9.- Bank account Number.
10.- Signature.

For the treatment of Personal Information related to underage, disabled or legal incapacitated persons, as well as for the execution of the ARCO rights about said data, the authorization from their parents or guardians is required.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes must gather and handle safely and confidentially, the sensitive information as those related to disabilities or medical requirements needed to provide a better service.

The use that Hotel Francia Aguascalientes makes to the personal and sensitive information shall be solely and exclusively as follows:

I.- Main objectives:
1.- Provision of Lodging Services.
2.- Provision of Restaurant Services.
3.- Provision of Catering Services.
4.- Provision of Event Planning Services
5.- Provision of Touristic and Commercial Services.

II.- Additional objectives:
1.- Notify about the new services and products related to the already hired or acquired ones, as well as to inform of their modifications, including sent of advertisement and newsletters
2.- Create studies and programs needed to determine consumption habits.
3.- Perform periodical evaluations of our services in order to improve their quality.
4.- Assess the quality of the provided service.
5.- In general, to comply with the obligations we have undertaken with You.

In case that the Holder of the Personal and Sensitive Information do not wish to treat his personal information for the abovementioned objectives, he shall have a period of 5 (five) days to manifest his refusal to this by sending a mail to the following email

On the assumption that Hotel Francia Aguascalientes requires using Personal Information for purposes different to the established or convened ones pursuant to the legal relationship with the Holder, it shall be notified to the Holder in a written, telephone or electronic form or by any optical, voiced, visual or any other means that technology allows at the moment or in the future, and he must explain the new uses he intends to make to said information in order to get its authorization.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes shall be able to transfer the Personal Information it holds to domestic or international third parties, which required to know the data for the aforementioned purposes, as well as companies' members from the same Corporative Group. Furthermore, personal information may be transferred to outsourced third parties related to the service provider, provided that they have market purposes or market analysis.

It must be noted that Hotel Francia Aguascalientes shall transfer its information to ___________________, provider of mass newsletters mailing services by email.

If the stored Personal Information is required by an authority of any nature, either through a legal process, to respond any claim or legal action, or to protect the rights of Hotel Francia Aguascalientes, its clients and audience; said Personal Information shall be available strictly complying the Law.

In case that the sensible, proprietary, financial Information of the Holder are transferred to any third party, unless they are transferred to any authority due to a Legal order or requirement, or in order to carry out the legal relationship between the Holder and Hotel Francia Aguascalientes, it must be notified to the Holder by any means, either written, phone, electronic, optical, voiced, visual or any other form the technology allows at the moment or in the future.

The holder of the Personal Information shall be able to limit their use by sending an email to or through a written notice sent to Liverpool 133, Colonia Juarez, Cuauhtémoc Municipality, Zip Code 06600, Mexico City, Mexico, in a schedule of 9:00 to 18:00, addressed to the Communication Department, in which the desired use limitation must be clearly described.

To have access to the Personal Information held by Hotel Francia Aguascalientes, as well as to request its rectification in case the data is inaccurate or incomplete, or to cancel them or oppose to their treatment for said objectives, they must submit a written application, addressed to the Communication department on the email comunicació or send a written notice to Liverpool 133, Colonia Juarez, Cuauhtémoc Municipality, Zip Code 06600, Mexico City, Mexico, addressed to the Communication department from a schedule of 9:00 to 18:00 hours, including a return receipt. The application must contain the following information:

1.- Holder’s name
2.- Holder’s address or, where appropriate, email address in which the response to the application shall be sent.
3.- Document proving identity, where appropriate, and representation for such application.
4.- Personal information description about the interest of exercise any ARCO right.
5.- Any data allowing Hotel Francia Aguascalientes to locate your personal information and to respond to the application.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes must respond to the application of the Holders of information, provided that any of the exemptions contained on the Legislation are not updated.

The holder of the Personal Information is able to revoke, at any time, the authorization granted to Hotel Francia Aguascalientes for the treatment of their personal information to the Communication Department to comunicació or send a written notice to Liverpool 133, Colonia Juarez, Cuauhtémoc Municipality, Zip Code 06600, Mexico City, Mexico, from Monday to Friday on a schedule of 9:00 to 18:00 hours, in which the data from which the authorization is revoked must be specifically described.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes knows the value of its Personal Information, that it has implemented required safety measures so that its Personal Information is used for different reasons to those authorized by the Holder, as well as to avoid their modification, loss, theft or access by third parties. For this reason, the information delivered to Hotel Francia Aguascalientes shall be stored, protected and kept under the appropriate technological and physical means, and only people authorized by Hotel Francia Aguascalientes, either workers, service providers, business partners, who have assumed the commitment to maintain the information under a strictly confidential and safe order, shall be able to have access to said information. Moreover, the Hotel Francia Aguascalientes staff must sign a Privacy Policy, and the providers have signed the contracts in which the information confidentiality is agreed.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes shall be able to modify at any time this Privacy Notice to adapt it to new legislation or judicial decision, national policies, as well as industry practices. In any of these instances, the introduced changes shall be announced on this page with enough time before its implementation.

Under this Privacy Notice, the Holders of information are duly informed about the data gathered from them, on to what end, accepting the herein contained terms which were elaborated in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Information in the Possession of Private Parties.

In addition, the information holder agrees on all information added by him, or, in turn, it is obtained by accessing shall be subject to be collected and registered on a database, which shall be possessed by Hotel Francia Aguascalientes.

Hotel Francia Aguascalientes states and the information holder accepts that the former shall not be liable nor exercises in any way, some type of control over the links to different pages, websites, etc. from any external third parties that can appear on

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