Tradition in the spirit of bullfighting

In the historic center of the city of Aguascalientes, the time has respected the quarry structures as if to preserve its splendor for visitors. Show your beauty is the creation of the famous Refugio Reyes, who developed his talent in architecture coupled with a clear sense planner. His work is considered a fundamental part of historic and architectural heritage of Aguascalientes.

One of his greatest creations is the Hotel France, built in 1915, French style is part of the buildings on their own stories and talk about times of great splendor.

The Hotel offered twenty spacious and sumptuous rooms with period furniture, restaurant and bar. He became known as the one in the city where their rooms had private bathrooms.

The Hotel Francia Aguascalientes emblem was for years social and tourist’s favorite fighters, businessmen, artists, politicians, world-renowned characters. The prestige of the cuisine was excellent, the variety and quality of its dishes. Many were the travelers who came to stay in France, where dances were held by the Hotel organized fashion or social clubs, gala dinners accompanied by the best orchestras, crowning of the queens of the Fair, including openings and closures of the Feria de San Marcos.