Attractions - Hotel Francia Aguascalientes

The Festival of Las Calaveras is one of the most important attractions of Aguascalientes, and takes place during the
The garden of San Marcos is located in the heart of the San Marcos neighborhood and is characterized by its tall tree paths covering the
In Aguascalientes, bullfighting deeply-rooted tradition is carried through the generations as can be demonstrated by the creation of the Museum of Bullfighting,

One of the museums in Aguascalientes inspired by the “La Catrina” engraving created by the Aguascalientes native Jose
Certainly one of the most recognized artists in the world, a native of Aguascalientes, Guadalupe Posadas created the engraving
Billed as the “Mexico Fair” is the most important popular celebration of the country performed in honor of St. Mark the Evangelist. Still has great

During Holy Week, as part of the customs and religious traditions in San José de Gracia we invite you to enjoy the Cristo Roto, which
You cannot miss the Plaza of Three Centuries which is a tourist, recreational, cultural and servicewith